Can you please help us to continue to make great games?

When we started our company we had one goal in mind. That goal was to develop “fantastically fun” games that people of all ages will enjoy playing. We wanted to focus on creating family-friendly games, those that the entire family would enjoy spending time playing. So far, we have developed Fliggles Rescue Adventure and Mars Mayhem. Mars Mayhem is available for the iPad now. Fliggles Rescue Adventure will soon be available on many different platforms.

We have a pipeline of exciting game ideas that we hope to be able to bring you. However, we need financial support. We are a small game developer and lack resources to develop games as quickly as we would love to do so. With additional funding we could accelerate our game productions.

Are you a wealthy individual or corporation? If so, we hope you will consider helping us to continue to develop games, to assist us in putting our best effort into bringing “Fantastic fun for all!”

If you don’t have the financial ability or interest to support us that is okay too. We still hope you will enjoy the games we create! We love to hear from our game players from all over the world. Please consider sending us a postcard from your home town with a note of encouragement! Thank you very much!

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