Fliggles Rescue Adventure

Hi all. It’s been awhile since we have posted any news to the web site. That doesn’t mean we haven’t been busy. It means we are a small game development team and (unfortunately) we let our home on the web lack sometimes. We are excited to announce that Fliggles Rescue Adventure is new and improved and, most importantly, coming to a game console near you! We are totally rewriting the game and adding a lot of additional fun. Fliggles Rescue Adventure will (hopefully) soon be released on Playstation, Switch and Xbox, in addition to macOS and Windows and mobile! Everyone needs a hero… and her name is Fliggles. Deflate freely.

Mars Mayhem is coming!

It has been awhile since we have posted news regarding our game developments. This does not mean we have been sitting back and watching TV, eating Moon pies and drinking RC cola. We have been hard at work in developing two more games! The first game we want to tell you about is Mars Mayhem. Have you ever wanted to visit Mars? Now will be your chance because MARS needs your help! The game consists of five sectors, each with their own unique characteristics. Your job is to fly the lander to different resupply points within each sector. Sounds easy, right? 😉 The working back story is this.

Mars Mayhem Story

Here are some concept images for the native Martian. Although, these mock-ups look cartoonish, the actual Mars Mayhem game is not. What is your favorite color? We want to know!

Mars Mayhem Martians

We hope to post game play video soon as well as screen shots from the game. We can hardly wait to send you out of this world.

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In addition to the two new game developments we have, of course, continued to update Fliggles Rescue Adventure. We have exciting news to mention regarding Fliggles but that will happen at a later date.

Please check back often for updates. We intend to be much more regular in sharing news, fantastically fun news!


Over the last few weeks we have been on the road traveling to different conferences in order to share our little purple balloon hero with others. We traveled to Indy Pop Con on June 26 – 28. It was our first trip to Indiana. Fliggles Rescue Adventure was a Reboot Indie Awards Nominee.

Indy Pop Con

Indy Pop Con

We then travelled to San Francisco for the PocketGamer Connects conference and got to participate in the Very Big Indie Pitch and be part of the Indie Showcase.

Indy Pop Con

We finish up our marketing travels by attending Casual Connect in San Francisco on August 11 – 13. We were blessed to be the winner of the Tap for Tap award and won the trip to Casual Connect.

New web site

We set up our new website and are excited about having the ability to make updates to our news area more easily.  To catch up with a few things…


8 December, 2014.  We submitted Fliggles to the App Store!  Yeah! It’s been a long 2 1/2 years and we are excited about sharing our friend, Fliggles, with everyone. It was made available on the App Store on December 19th.