‘Fantastically Fun’ Games By Five Fans Productions

Mars Needs You
Mars needs a HERO! Mars Mayhem is the second ‘fantastically fun’ game coming from Five Fans Productions. Your job is simple…save the human civilization on Mars by piloting the MARS resupply ship to all sectors on the planet. Your task is difficult! We can NOT wait to send you to Mars. Prepare to launch…

Fliggles logo

Not all heroes need a cape to fly! Fliggles Rescue Adventure is an addictive platform game featuring a balloon hero navigating obstacles through eighty levels contained within four distinct areas. Designed to be appealing to everyone of all ages, Fliggles Rescue Adventure is fantastic fun and progressively challenging for kids, grandparents, and everyone in between. Please give it a try today.
Temple Tantrum logo
Temple Tantrum is another game we would like to develop. This version would be substantially different from the original Mac OS version created way back in December 2000! Temple Tantrum is an exploration, arcade-type game where your ultimate goal is to complete all levels in the game, gathering as many gems, treasures and other goodies as you go. Your journey begins in the courtyard but will take you through the garden, fire, maze, dungeon, tower, and treasure levels. There are also plenty of bonus levels along the way through which you can gather plenty of extra goodies.
In addition to the games listed above we have five other exciting game ideas we desire to pursue. However, since our other released mobile games (Fliggles Rescue Adventure and Mars Mayhem) have not received community support we doubt we will develop additional games. Our original plan was to bring “Fantastic fun for all!” with periodically released new games. However, we can no longer justify spending the thousands of hours and dollars that goes into developing high quality fantastically fun games with no return on the investment!